At West Madison Veterinary Hospital, we believe preventative health care will provide your pet a long and happy life. The cornerstone of preventative health care is the routine comprehensive examination.  Since our pet’s age much more quickly than we do, examinations should be done a minimum of 1-2 times a year.   A comprehensive nose-to-tail exam includes evaluating the eyes, ears, oral cavity, heart, lungs, skin, hair coat, and palpation of the internal organs and skeletal system. This procedure allows us to determine the overall physical health of your pet.  The physical examination, however, does not allow us to determine the overall health of the internal organs.  Only a blood and urinalysis screen will do that.  WMVH recommends this screening for all pets age 2 to 7 years of age annually.  If your pet is 7 years old or older, ask about our senior care program.   As in all health evaluations, early detection is the key as it helps us identify and make recommendations on potential health care issues that could impact your pet’s overall health.

Senior Care
As your pet ages, like people, they have a greater risk for developing certain conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, arthritis, endocrine disease, and dental disease.   Older cats can develop a myriad of medical problems such as diabetes, kidney disease, and hyperthyroidism.  All three diseases can affect other organ systems over time and if left untreated at an early stage can be fatal.  If these chronic disease processes are detected soon after they start, they may be very treatable and controllable. 

Our senior care program allows your pet to benefit from the same tests and evaluations that we use in human medicine including hematology, comprehensive biochemical (blood) testing, urinalysis, blood pressure, and X-rays. Early detection and treatment can cure or delay progression of many disease processes so we recommend bi-annual physical examinations and annual senior comprehensive screenings. 



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